Software & Data


Springsim 2016 Tutotial – Tea-PoCT and Tea-SIM.

Lab notes

JDBC Lab (Notes).

Lab with patterns and GUI work (Notes).

Lab with Phidget RFID work (Notes).

Ubicomp J2ME labs (Zip).

Newer JME tutorials for Ubicomp (Zip).


British Library

World Bank Data

UN Data

US CMU Dataset

US UC Irvine ML Dataset

US UCLA Dataset

US Stanford Large Network Datasets

US Film Dataset

UK Government Data

UK Road Traffic

UK Public Transport

UK Health Service Data,

UK National Archive

UK UCAS University Application Data

UK Landmap Project Datasets

UK Crime Datasets

UK Social Science and Humanities Digital data

UK Economic and Social Data Service

EU Council of Europe Social Science Data

EU Gronigen Growth Datasets

ICAAP Growth data

WebEC Economic Data

Microsoft Bing Query Data

Google Public Data

US U of Washington RFID Trace Data

Amazon Web Crawler Dataset

Please comment below if you find any interesting data sets (especially sensor data) – thanks.

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