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Hadoop and Spark

A nice Hadoop tutorial – .  Moving on from a single test machine.  Next step is having a play around with spark – (nice way to kick start a spark cluster with Docker).

Which do you prefer? Why and what for?

Tableau and R

The latest release of Tableau (8.1) has R integration.  Tableau is free for academic use. Take a look at  It could be a nice combination of the intuitive visual analytics of Tableau and the scripting capability of R.

Human Data Interaction – future and impact

Take a look at   The way we use and interact with our own personal data is going to change?  On our Digital Personhood project here at Brunel we are uncovering new ways of packaging and trading personal data.  We are particularly interested in the architectures required to analyse, store, transact and deliver personal data – utilising a vault and trading platform – that empower the prosumer.

We need to think about new ways to design these applications (Human Data Interaction Design HDID), with new perspectives on the actors, place and data.  Flexing some of these perspective to allow transitions (movement in space, time, role) provides some underpinning to Mobile Human Data Interaction (mHDI).

Interactive Social Experience Engine (iSEE) for History and Heritage – A Dorset Prehistoric Feasibility Study

Myself and a multi-disciplinary team from Brunel University and Dorchester Museum have received £66K of funding from the TSB to explore innovative methods of software development that combine mobile device sensing and experience programming.  The feasibility study aims to create new platforms for experience design & development, localised business models and smartphone apps.

EPSRC Research Grant – Digital Personhood Futures Trading

Professor Panos Louveiris and I (collaborating with Dr Audrey Guinchard from the University of Essex ) have received £850K of funding from the EPSRC to investigate how novel trading platforms are able to facilitate the use of personal data.  The project is titled Digital Personhood: Digital Prosumer — Establishing a ‘Futures Market’ for Digital Personhood Data and will involve the design and implementation of the legal, technical and business underpinnings for such ventures.

Student Summer Jobs

I will be looking for a couple of programmers over the summer – June and July – to work on mobile and Web applications.  I am looking for developers with experience of Android, HTML5, PHP – see Brunel’s job shop in a few days time for the advertisement. These projects could lead on to FYP projects (if you are in DISC L2).

TSB Research Grant called TEA-PoCT

Myself and Professor Terry Young have received £350K of funding from the
Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to investigate how novel mobile and Web based
knowledge platforms are able to support the economic modelling and co-design of
medical diagnostic devices.  The project is titled TEA-PoCT (Tools for
evaluation around point of care testing) and will extend models developed by
the MATCH Programme ( with collaborators at the University of Birmingham.

Whiteboad 9th November 2009